Barrans Fountain, interior view

Barrans Fountain, interior view, Roundhay Park Virtual Tour.

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360 degree panorama photos of Roundhay Park produced by Tony Quinn using hardware and software supplied by Red Door VR Limited, UK.

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photograph of Barrans Fountain, interior viewSir John Barran MP presented the drinking fountain to the park as a personal gift. The Fountain and the Victorian Shelters are now restored to former glory as part of the Heritage Lottery funded restoration of the Park.

The view from the Fountain cannot fail to impress as the landscape rolls towards Waterloo Lake.

Note that the 'Fountain' no longer 'founts' and drinking water cannot be obtained from the ornamental spouts - try the Lakeside Cafe, or for the more exclusive bottled variety, the Mansion!

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You are viewing panorama No.6 (Barrans Fountain, interior view), one of 66 Virtual Reality 360 degree views of Roundhay, Leeds UK.

Map of Leeds showing the location of Barrans Fountain, interior view, Roundhay Park at Latitude 53.83710 / Longitude -1.49475, created on Wed, 4 Mar 2015 13:33:40 +0000.

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