Roundhay Park and Tropical World Leeds

Old map of Roundhay Park - 1908 Edition - click to zoom...

Old map of Roundhay Park
We were lucky to be loaned a collection of old Leeds maps recently, and are pleased to be able to show this map of Roundhay Park from over 100 years ago. If you move your mouse cursor over the image above you should see a larger view (This may take a while to load on a slow connection or on your mobile device).

See if you can spot:
The 'Keepers House', the waterfall and weirs behind the old dam (this is BEFORE the open air swimming pool 'lido' was built), can you find the Maze? Which other landmarks are on the map but no longer to be found in the park?...

Take a 360 degree virtual tour of the Park:

Australasia House, Tropical World
Australasia House and Waterfall in Tropical World

Lakeside - Waterloo Lake
Panoramic view of the Lakeside Cafe and Waterloo Lake

Barrans Fountain
Barrans Fountain

Canal Gardens
Canal Gardens