Roundhay Park and Tropical World Leeds

Oakwood Clock restoration fund video.

Oakwood Clock Tower
Oakwood Clock, seen here in slightly better repair during summer 2003. Photo by permission

Local film-maker Tony O'Reilly of the Atom Film Company Leeds presents a short film about the campaign to restore the historic clock at Oakwood, Leeds.

Oakwood Clock was manufactured in 1904 (at a reputed cost of £150!) by Potts & Sons to a design by Leeming and Leeming as a centrepiece for the Leeds Market Hall. Alterations to the market led to the clock being moved to its present outdoor location in 1912.

Over 100 years of weather has taken its toll, and now the clock is in a poor state of repair. Locals (who formed The Oakwood Traders and Residents Association) have taken it upon themselves to raise funds to ensure the clock is restored and continues as a much loved and well-known landmark at the southern tip of Roundhay Park.

More details about the clock restoration progress here...


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